May. 7th, 2010

akujou: (「女優」高畑充希)
Because Speedy is making fun of me, and Mozilla is in its attempt to prevent me from writing/downloading/anything, I'm going to put this short.

First of all, sorry for not commenting or something because, read above. Speedy loves to play. And because sometimes I feel left-out and thinking "I shall not commenting there", sorry for being emo.


The scores aren't bad. Accumulated score: 49.75. Kinda unsatisfied seeing my Math score, but satisfied enough by seeing my perfect scores on Japanese Language (if only they have "with distinction", I guess I'm on it). But who cares? I've graduated. Now I'm waiting for Promdate and Graduation Ceremony which will be held on June. I have times to prepare all the things. Times to prepare college stuffs (including: learning AutoCad 2009, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Sketch-Up, etc), times to prepare Prom stuffs and Graduation stuffs and year book stuffs pls.

Last week, as [ profile] aiedailglow said, me and friends from XII IPA 3 went to Cilegon, Resta's house. It was fun. Six horror movies and I just watched 4-and-half. Fell asleep during Zombieland, and back to girls' room before they played Paranormal Activity. Get all soaked in beach, and I really had fun during our way back from beach to Resta's house: me and three friends singing Poker Face and some songs, and laughing so hard at some Indonesia's songs like a song titled Chinese Food, succeeded in their attempt to make me laughing very hard (nearly cried). And playing Take-Me-Out on our way back home to school, very funny.

Congrats to my friends: [ profile] aiedailglow , [ profile] ginacronise , and [ profile] ulilulelo who got accepted to ITB&Unpad, ITB, and Unpad. So proud of you btw! And, I hope for the best on UI's announcement tomorrow. Amen.

PS: Just laughed very hard @ "Island Survival Training" comments. Too hilarious, really.

PSS: I need a life, srsly. I want to do some part-time jobs but if I do, I guess my dad would love to disown me from family. I was nearly disowned in 2009. LOL.

PSSS: Raise your hand, you who thinks Mike Chang (a.k.a Harry Shum Jr.) is awesome and fvcking hot, and Fred-George is the coolest twin in the century! And Ginny-Harry is -maybe- the most lovable item (Current crazy objects: Glee and Harry Potter). Favorite female character on Glee? Quinn Fabray. Beautiful, and at least she has brain. Rachel go away. LOL.
UH YES I GOT 08.08! H? HARRY SHUM. LOL. /smacked
PSSSSS: Can someone take me out from home? I'm bored rly D:
PSSSSSS: Writing in Japanese is so much fun! :D

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