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[Error: unknown template qotd]Not a good liar because my friends keep saying that people can guess me as easy as an open book. But I just lied this morning to a bus driver because he kept asking me (I'm not that sociable so I don't like it if random people I meet on the street suddenly trying to be friendly). At first, he asked me if I take the bus everyday for work, I answered yes (a very simple "yes" one; which means 'I don't want to talk with you so shut up'), and later he asked me if I take the same bus to go back home; I answered no because my dad picked me up at office. He later asked who's the one pick me up everyday. I was like "who are you why do you want to know it bro it's not even your business" so I lied and answered that my boyfriend is the one who pick me up, hoping that he'd stop asking me.

Turned out he didn't.

And I was like "huh, Zor, boyfriend? Who are you talking about?" P.S.Whenever "boyfriend" talks come up, I always say "my boyfriend visited me last month for 2 days, and it's only for concert!" Ehm, I'm talking about Nissy
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