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never thought writing intro post is this difficult lol
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→ O. 23. Born on Heisei 5th year. An aspiring designer; now in the middle of training in an interior design and contractor company.
→ Aquarius. Blood type A. January-born.
Exactly the same as her ideal future husband Arashi's Sakurai Sho)
(I call this as triple annoyances because those three's traits are almost the same: annoying)
→ Other than Logophile, she's also a Bibliophile (a person who loves books) and a Thalassophile (a person who loves oceans, sea).
→ Hobbies: Photography, books, musics, design (wide-ranging from architecture-interior to graphic-stage design), post-crossing.
→ Interests: anything Japan; from literature to design and indie bands to boybands.
→ Admired design firms and architect (in case you're also a designer/aspired to be one): Hara Design Institute (Kenya Hara), nendo (Oki Sato), Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma.
→ Languages: English, Japanese, Indonesian.

The journal title:
How to read: "Takane no Hana ni Naritai"; which means "I want to be 'Takane no Hana'"
Takane no Hana itself means "flower on the high peak".

Current list of favorite crushes and interests (updated on December 19th):
Beware for long list of crushes. )

You can meet me (on almost a daily basis) online at:
Twitter → 問題ガール (Private, mostly talks in Indonesian, mostly about Tamamori, will keep changing display name as often as Yamazaki Kento gets a role in LA movies)
Ask.fm ideashunter (currently deactivated for personal reasons)

I'm also a (newbie) postcrosser, my postcrossing ID. Also interested in direct swaps; you can message me if interested.

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