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Here's the thing, I suck at writing intro. I don't know if there's any people on LiveJournal these days. First thing first, I've graduated and got my B.Arch (or in Indonesian: S.Ars), which has been my childhood (and highschool) dream. What I've been doing these past days is loitering around the net, answering some silly questions from high school students on Ask.fm (and good questions from some friends I met from the said-website), discovered an internet crush which happened to be my senior during high school and yes I don't even know him (from now on I call him "senpai" because he's literally my senpai), and....job hunting. I'm still waiting for my Convocation, which will be held on May. (One of the bad things about my university, other than their unbreakable love for money and business, is that I have to attend three graduation ceremonies)
I've been crazy (in an abnormal way; almost obsessed) about job hunting because almost 10 of 78 students (88 students originally but 10 of them are still on-hold a.k.a repeating the final project class; one of them is one of my closest friends in college) from my batch are already employed. I hate that inferior feeling. I am applying for designer positions in almost every design office I can find.

It's been a long time I don't post some killing-time, tag post. I stole this tag from [livejournal.com profile] ulilulelo.

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End notes: for 2015, I hope people start noticing Sakaguchi Kentaro (I think he surpassed Nakajima Yuto as my current crush) (no bb just kidding) and Komatsu Nana (instead of Mizuhara Kiko). Komatsu Nana is not only successful as a Japanese hipster model but also as an actress as she's just awarded "Newcomer of the Year" alongside our-shoujo-manga-hero Fukushi Sota and Nounen Rena on Japan Academy Award this year. And congratulation to Okada Junichi for winning both Best Actor in Leading Role and Best Actor in Supporting Role award!
And I think I need to revamp all of my icons to relevant ones. Brb to Adobe Photoshop.

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