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never thought writing intro post is this difficult lol
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→ O. 23. Born on Heisei 5th year. An aspiring designer; now in the middle of training in an interior design and contractor company.
→ Aquarius. Blood type A. January-born.
Exactly the same as her ideal future husband Arashi's Sakurai Sho)
(I call this as triple annoyances because those three's traits are almost the same: annoying)
→ Other than Logophile, she's also a Bibliophile (a person who loves books) and a Thalassophile (a person who loves oceans, sea).
→ Hobbies: Photography, books, musics, design (wide-ranging from architecture-interior to graphic-stage design), post-crossing.
→ Interests: anything Japan; from literature to design and indie bands to boybands.
→ Admired design firms and architect (in case you're also a designer/aspired to be one): Hara Design Institute (Kenya Hara), nendo (Oki Sato), Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma.
→ Languages: English, Japanese, Indonesian.

The journal title:
How to read: "Takane no Hana ni Naritai"; which means "I want to be 'Takane no Hana'"
Takane no Hana itself means "flower on the high peak".

Current list of favorite crushes and interests (updated on December 19th):
Beware for long list of crushes. )

You can meet me (on almost a daily basis) online at:
Twitter → 問題ガール (Private, mostly talks in Indonesian, mostly about Tamamori, will keep changing display name as often as Yamazaki Kento gets a role in LA movies)
Ask.fm ideashunter (currently deactivated for personal reasons)

I'm also a (newbie) postcrosser, my postcrossing ID. Also interested in direct swaps; you can message me if interested.

Layout credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] spire. Icons are mostly self-made except noted.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm actually the type that not really into hype (wow that rhymes); I'd rather wait a day or two (or even a week!) so the cinema would be least crowded than the premier day. And the upcoming movie that I'm most excited is no other than Pink and Gray ! If you follow me on Twitter you know already as I retweeted many stills and sneak peek's videos. Main reason why I'm really excited about this movie is, of course, no other than the main star: Nakajima Yuto a.k.a my current biggest bias.

(From sneak peek's videos he showed so many amazing scenes and moving acting so that's plus point to upscale my excitement level)

(Praying so there'll be nice movie distributor here in my country so I don't need to wait for the DVD release which is like, 6 months after cinema release)
(I've been excited for this movie since they first announced it)
(Film festival is okay too)
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Took this from [livejournal.com profile] ulilulelo.
So these are the conditions she held up for her followers to do:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
写真は )Random lists )

The questions. )
And lastly, little updates:
This month is my last month of probation at work. Finally experienced my high school's dream: been away from city two times in three months for business trips: to Jayapura (5 hours flight from Jakarta), and Bali. Completed a project worth xxx million rupiahs (haven't signed the Hand Over Certificate though). Selected as project leader and assistant designer for a project at the same time. Basically, what I do everyday is: wake up - go to bath - watch some Youtube videos while having breakfast - go to office with the same bus - arrive - work - go home - another session with Youtube - sleep - repeat. Overall having fun with work because, well, I'm living my childhood dream as a (junior) interior designer.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Not a good liar because my friends keep saying that people can guess me as easy as an open book. But I just lied this morning to a bus driver because he kept asking me (I'm not that sociable so I don't like it if random people I meet on the street suddenly trying to be friendly). At first, he asked me if I take the bus everyday for work, I answered yes (a very simple "yes" one; which means 'I don't want to talk with you so shut up'), and later he asked me if I take the same bus to go back home; I answered no because my dad picked me up at office. He later asked who's the one pick me up everyday. I was like "who are you why do you want to know it bro it's not even your business" so I lied and answered that my boyfriend is the one who pick me up, hoping that he'd stop asking me.

Turned out he didn't.

And I was like "huh, Zor, boyfriend? Who are you talking about?" P.S.Whenever "boyfriend" talks come up, I always say "my boyfriend visited me last month for 2 days, and it's only for concert!" Ehm, I'm talking about Nissy
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have this dog-shaped stuffed animal that's been in my house since my brother was only 9 years old. (Now he's 32; so that means this buddy is already 23 years old). His name is Broni, taken from his brown color → "Brownie" → Indonesian spelling. My mother bought it for him because he always wanted a pet; and why he wanted a pet because he wanted a younger brother/sister (he was an only child for almost 11 years so I guess he was a bit lonely at that time). But plot twist: I was born a year later after she bought him Broni.

So at the end, he gave Broni to me and I still keep it as my companion in bed department. I always bring him with me every time I have a trip to countrysides (as a pillow, of course).

Writing about my brother makes me kinda miss him his cute 16-months old son aka my nephew. I once tried to make him playing with Broni but he's scared with stuffed animals :'''D
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from layout, profile (not only profile box but also some new icons!), and now I have an introductory post.
Go check them out if you want to know my current interests.

And I'm going to post an introductory journal post about my long-list crushes; where/when I got to know them, what I like about them. their best works (if any). But I'll sort some things before I post; I mean, that crush list, is fvcking, long.

Edit: just checked that this post is my 100th post! Congratulations, [livejournal.com profile] twinkle2stars!! Almost two days ago my Tumblr also reached its 2000th post. I guess it's because I have so many free time lately. *sulk*

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Here's the thing, I suck at writing intro. I don't know if there's any people on LiveJournal these days. First thing first, I've graduated and got my B.Arch (or in Indonesian: S.Ars), which has been my childhood (and highschool) dream. What I've been doing these past days is loitering around the net, answering some silly questions from high school students on Ask.fm (and good questions from some friends I met from the said-website), discovered an internet crush which happened to be my senior during high school and yes I don't even know him (from now on I call him "senpai" because he's literally my senpai), and....job hunting. I'm still waiting for my Convocation, which will be held on May. (One of the bad things about my university, other than their unbreakable love for money and business, is that I have to attend three graduation ceremonies)
I've been crazy (in an abnormal way; almost obsessed) about job hunting because almost 10 of 78 students (88 students originally but 10 of them are still on-hold a.k.a repeating the final project class; one of them is one of my closest friends in college) from my batch are already employed. I hate that inferior feeling. I am applying for designer positions in almost every design office I can find.

It's been a long time I don't post some killing-time, tag post. I stole this tag from [livejournal.com profile] ulilulelo.

Read more... )

End notes: for 2015, I hope people start noticing Sakaguchi Kentaro (I think he surpassed Nakajima Yuto as my current crush) (no bb just kidding) and Komatsu Nana (instead of Mizuhara Kiko). Komatsu Nana is not only successful as a Japanese hipster model but also as an actress as she's just awarded "Newcomer of the Year" alongside our-shoujo-manga-hero Fukushi Sota and Nounen Rena on Japan Academy Award this year. And congratulation to Okada Junichi for winning both Best Actor in Leading Role and Best Actor in Supporting Role award!
And I think I need to revamp all of my icons to relevant ones. Brb to Adobe Photoshop.
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I just went back home from a 6-days trip to Kediri, my mother's homeland, or, let's simply call it mudik. Trafficjams are everywhere but overall it's fun, and somehow ~refreshing~, after a month full of tortures :p

I'll start my college earlier than most of my friends: on Wednesday. They only gave me 7 days of holiday so now I only have....a day for everything. To do something with THIS hair (I'm tired with everyday-is-bad-hair-day) and I haven't done my homework yet. History of Architecture, Studio, and Technology of Architecture. In a day.

Kimi ni Todoke is just too sweet. Can't help it. Miura is ♥ Marry me pls lol
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Because Speedy is making fun of me, and Mozilla is in its attempt to prevent me from writing/downloading/anything, I'm going to put this short.

First of all, sorry for not commenting or something because, read above. Speedy loves to play. And because sometimes I feel left-out and thinking "I shall not commenting there", sorry for being emo.


The scores aren't bad. Accumulated score: 49.75. Kinda unsatisfied seeing my Math score, but satisfied enough by seeing my perfect scores on Japanese Language (if only they have "with distinction", I guess I'm on it). But who cares? I've graduated. Now I'm waiting for Promdate and Graduation Ceremony which will be held on June. I have times to prepare all the things. Times to prepare college stuffs (including: learning AutoCad 2009, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Sketch-Up, etc), times to prepare Prom stuffs and Graduation stuffs and year book stuffs pls.

Last week, as [livejournal.com profile] aiedailglow said, me and friends from XII IPA 3 went to Cilegon, Resta's house. It was fun. Six horror movies and I just watched 4-and-half. Fell asleep during Zombieland, and back to girls' room before they played Paranormal Activity. Get all soaked in beach, and I really had fun during our way back from beach to Resta's house: me and three friends singing Poker Face and some songs, and laughing so hard at some Indonesia's songs like a song titled Chinese Food, succeeded in their attempt to make me laughing very hard (nearly cried). And playing Take-Me-Out on our way back home to school, very funny.

Congrats to my friends: [livejournal.com profile] aiedailglow , [livejournal.com profile] ginacronise , and [livejournal.com profile] ulilulelo who got accepted to ITB&Unpad, ITB, and Unpad. So proud of you btw! And, I hope for the best on UI's announcement tomorrow. Amen.

PS: Just laughed very hard @ "Island Survival Training" comments. Too hilarious, really.

PSS: I need a life, srsly. I want to do some part-time jobs but if I do, I guess my dad would love to disown me from family. I was nearly disowned in 2009. LOL.

PSSS: Raise your hand, you who thinks Mike Chang (a.k.a Harry Shum Jr.) is awesome and fvcking hot, and Fred-George is the coolest twin in the century! And Ginny-Harry is -maybe- the most lovable item (Current crazy objects: Glee and Harry Potter). Favorite female character on Glee? Quinn Fabray. Beautiful, and at least she has brain. Rachel go away. LOL.
UH YES I GOT 08.08! H? HARRY SHUM. LOL. /smacked
PSSSSS: Can someone take me out from home? I'm bored rly D:
PSSSSSS: Writing in Japanese is so much fun! :D

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OKAY. LJ TOTALLY HATES ME. or I'm just being idiot. I don't know.
So, 2009 means a lot for me. Okay, let's see.
naturally~ )

So, I don't know how to celebrate this new year... Maybe I'll study /smacked.
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